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best carpets in jaipur | Choudhary Impex

Rug Making Process

Crafting beautiful stuff with our own hands and the help from useful tools is a wonderful process, where you can enjoy yourself while pulling out some ideas and busy perfecting your work.

best carpets in jaipur | Choudhary Impex

Premium Wool Processing

Sheared sheep in the autumn are harvested for their finest wool. The most important phase of making a RUG is formed by this process. The wool is categorised based on its various qualities after being sheared. After being sheared, the wool is cleaned, scourged, graded and sorted, carded, spun, wove, and finished. 


Wool can be sorted and its fibres can be separated with the aid of carding. Despite the fact that carding can be done mechanically, we practise it by hand. After being cleaned, this raw wool is spun into yarn. Warp, weft, and pile are just a few of the various methods and techniques used in spinning. The yarn is spun by our rural women using an antique spindle.

Design Methodology

We are fortunate to have a fantastic design studio where the best designers can work and produce their best work. This design team produces one-of-a-kind works of art that are either influenced by modern and contemporary art forms or by the classical school of rug weaving. 


As soon as the design is complete, the creative team chooses the colours that will go with it. There may be times when the design calls for a strong, vivid color, while other times it may call for an elegant, sophisticated palette.

best carpets in jaipur | Choudhary Impex
best carpets in jaipur | Choudhary Impex

Dyeing Method

The wool yarn is dipped repeatedly in the large colour tubs to ensure it is thoroughly coloured, depending on the needs of the colours as determined by the design team.

The coloured yarns are dried in the sun. 

Natural dyes are used in more exclusive carpets, while synthetic dyes are used in simpler carpets.


The wool yarn is then woven into the fabric during the weaving process. The weavers in the process use simple tools such as a knife with a hook, scissors, and a heavy comb made of wood and metal. With the help of these tools, the rows of knots and weft are beaten together. The artisans weave the rugs using a rug map that is provided to them. The required raw materials, as well as life-sized graphs of designs, are then delivered to weaving centres.

best carpets in jaipur | Choudhary Impex
best carpets in jaipur | Choudhary Impex

Washing Process

Following the completion of the weaving process, the washing process begins. Rugs are washed in this process to ensure that the natural sheen of the yarns used comes through.

Carving Process

The rug is now finished. It is stretched even more, and the edge binding is applied to level it. The rug is then evened out using a high low carving process. It is then trimmed to remove any uneven fibres. Following that, hand shearing is performed to give the rugs a unique layered look and ensure they are ready to ship.

best carpets in jaipur | Choudhary Impex
best carpets in jaipur | Choudhary Impex


Finally, after all of these beautiful journeys, the masterpiece you've been anticipating is ready to enhance the decor of your living space!

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