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best carpets in jaipur | Choudhary Impex

The love of art, history, and tradition passed down through 10 centuries of the Choudhary family. The company has earned the respect of collectors of fine carpet and rugs lovers from all over the world and thanks to its rich history dating back three centuries in the city of Jaipur carpetmaker to many of India's royalties. Generations have also handled, caressed, and passed over timeless carpets and rugs while creating traditional and modern designs.


RajKumar Choudhary, the current custodian who is in the 10th generation of the family and is carrying on the family's sophisticated knowledge and talents, decided to appeal to markets outside of India.In his designs, he strives to preserve the ancient Indian, especially Mughal, carpet and rugs tradition while also adding a dash of modernity and the best of European flair.

RajKumar Choudhary is an ardent supporter of art and cultural initiatives around the world and is a great connoisseur of rugs, carpets, and Indian arts.The company has met the various buyers in reference to sell the carpets and rugs.

best carpets in jaipur | Choudhary Impex

The Choudharys of Dausa Nizamat

The Choudhary family had been the Kachhwaha dynasty's close commercial associates for many generations, and they can trace their ties to the Rajput line from Dausa to Amer and finally to Jaipur. One of the first well-known business families to establish in Jaipur was the Choudhary family, which arrived in 1727 when Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh laid the city's foundation.


Mid-18th-century miniature portrait sketch of Jagirdar Choudhary Kushal Singh JI, an ancestor of the Choudhary family.

Ties with the Royal Court

Under Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, Choudhary Kushal Singh, the family patriarch, received a grant to start his establishment in the new city of Jaipur and build business relationships with the Royal House. This was done to commemorate the laying of the foundation rugs and carpet for the new capital. He was granted a Jagiri (estate) of eleven villages surrounding the city, and as such, he became a significant member of the Jaipur Royal Court. His duties included collecting revenue and taxes and upholding peace and order in these villages.    

best carpets in jaipur | Choudhary Impex
best carpets in jaipur | Choudhary Impex

Parwana khas Muhar

The authorization given to Choudhary Kushal Singh Ji to start his business with the Hazuri (the Royal House) and launch a setup in Jaipur is documented in an official historical document dated 1726 and bearing the royal seal of Jaipur.

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